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"K-Car Convertible Chrysler Dodge 1982-1986"

"Credentials count, and author Don Narus has previously written four reference books on Chrysler products. Intended as a resource, the conversational tone of the text provides readable and thus rewarding information. He takes a fascinating journey into the genesis of the K-Car convertible where the original intent was to market it as a two seater. As the K-Car convertible loses its sleeper status and steadily goes up in collectability , so, too will the value of this book.
Micheal Petti
Antique Automobile Magazine  


Steering Wheels and Dashboards”

Among a welter of Car Books, here's something that's genuinely novel. Useful for any would be restorer. Extremely detailed, comprehensive.”

Book Review

Hemmings Classic Car

 Chrysler's Land Yacht”

Because of his passion for the subject, the author writes as if he is talking with you personally in a casual, friendly, enthusiastic manner at a car meet.

Restorers and judges will appreciate the detailed comparison photos. For the Town & Country drop-top fans this is what you are looking for; your search is over.”

Book Review

Antique Automobile

Chrysler's Classic Woodie”

This is Don Narus at his finest. The very best he's ever done.”

John Slusar

Town and Country Owners Directory

 Chrysler 1940-1949”

I can't believe it. Your book is awesome! Great stuff.”

Joe Moss

National Tech Advisor



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